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Why employ the services of a specialist management and research consultancy?

Using dedicated specialists allows your company to focus on its strengths, making the most of your staff capabilities to ensure you attain the best results, while choosing to research in-house drains management time and may not support efficient allocation of your company’s human resources.

Our analysts are located across the globe, offering on the ground primary research capabilities to compliment secondary data analysis. Our core services are business intelligence, market research, political and security risk consulting, and translation.

Solid Red   Business Intelligence

Technology-driven processes in data analysis save valuable work hours, and can be significantly more effective than manual analysis. We aim to optimise your business decisions through provision of key data on market trends and analysis of whether your business is making the most of its opportunities. We can create predictive models to help your company benefit from big data and remain one step ahead of the competition.

Solid Red   Market Research

Whether you are considering entering a new market, or expanding operations in an existing one, market research can help you find the opportunities for your business to grow. Common features of market research include consumer demand and trends, goods and services delivery methods, free trade agreement analysis, and market entry risks, including potential restrictions on foreign investment. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to perform accurate trend analysis.

We can assist you in performing due diligence on companies you are considering acquiring or merging with, opportunities for franchising or licensing, and procedures for exporting directly or indirectly.

Solid Red   Risk & Security

Effective risk planning can help your business stave off any eventuality. Risk planning service packages keep you updated on a range of factors which could influence your business decisions. Our analysts follow trends affecting your industry, and keep you informed on key events. Tailored risk service packages can consist of one-off reports, or regular updates on country and sovereign risk, economic and political risk, and threats to clients’ personnel and property.

Solid Red   Translation

Meticulousness is essential to translation. Our experienced translators have delivered precise translations of legislation and regulation, economic analysis, and political developments. Whether you require regular translation of government documents, ad hoc translation of emails, or assistance on individual translation projects, we are happy to help.

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