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C Small Solutions is a boutique research and project management consultancy with a global presence, founded with a mission to shed light on your business’ potential. We specialise in creating tailored quantitative and qualitative research solutions for investors in emerging and frontier markets. Our core services include business intelligence, market research, risk mitigation and security services, and translation.

The UK company was founded by Charles Small in 2015, and had its first clients in the same year. The company currently provides risk management and security services for markets including Afghanistan, Brazil and Mali. The rigorous risk mitigation methodology incorporates emerging technologies and subject matter expertise into the process.

The company’s team of experienced consultants has worked in Africa, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Our founder Charles has been at the heart of some of the world’s most significant modern developments, whether at Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence in 2008, in Egypt and Syria for the Arab Spring of 2011, or witnessing developments at Shanghai’s Free-Trade Zone from the inside. This direct experience on the ground gives our team the insights necessary to effectively analyse the situations your business faces.

As a nimble organisation with a global presence, we pride ourselves in timely delivery of high-quality projects. The location of our analysts in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and UK means workers are available for your projects around the clock.

Multilingual analysts experienced in translation allow the company to both conduct primary research in a variety of languages, and to translate specific items. Local insights require local language abilities. By monitoring local language sources, we have regularly delivered updates on developments in particular industries before the news hits the English language media.

Attuned and attentive to the needs of our clients, we provide free and regular updates on the business environments of emerging and frontier markets through our free news and analysis service. Complimentary publications are also available.

As well as offering services to reduce clients’ risk exposure by using artificial intelligence, C Small Solutions has a social mission to give back to the community through a volunteer scheme to educate the next generations on the rapid changes taking place in the field, and help prepare emerging economies for the transition. This has included funding a trip to Indonesia to lecture on the employment pressures technological change is causing in Southeast Asia to the students of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta in October 2016.

Ultimately, we are here to serve you, help grow your business and protect you from threats. Doing business in emerging and frontier markets is not straightforward, but with the right strategy, the way forward can be simple.

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