This page contains descriptions of some of the firm’s projects. For a summary of the company’s activities in 2016, see this article from founder and director Charles Small.

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Blockchain Technology Industry Analysis

Since 2016, C Small Solutions has been providing a multinational information services company with regular reports on key developments in blockchain technology. This includes reporting on central bank digital currencies and open source projects, and delivering insights from leaders of the global blockchain technology industry.

Risk Management and Security Services: Afghanistan, Brazil and Mali

Since 2016, C Small Solutions has provided political and security risk analysis to a global security and risk management services company. Our in-depth reports provide up to date information on critical threats, trends, and political developments in Afghanistan, Brazil and Mali. We are proud to support the company by delivering information which helps keep critical infrastructure, companies and individuals secure.

MENA Legislation and Regulation Translation

C Small Solutions has provided analysis and legal translation services to a multinational legal services company since 2015. We translate Arabic language Official Gazettes and identify relevant stories to be used in the client’s legal news service in order to provide regular and accessible updates on legal developments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Global Financial Services Regulatory Analysis

Since 2015, C Small Solutions has been helping a UK-based financial and legal services company develop an innovative fintech product. We assist the client in transforming global financial services law and regulation into easily accessible metadata, creating an end product used by banks’ compliance departments in the world’s financial centres.

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