Market Research

Are you entering a new market, developing an existing one, or simply curious about new opportunities out of your traditional comfort zone?

Our established network of global consultants can help you turn strategy into reality by carrying out the market research you need.

We aim to help you maintain an edge over your competitors by providing you with in-depth analysis of your target markets. Our experienced team will systematically gather and process information to present you with a clear picture of developments.

By reviewing our clear trend analyses, you will see which direction your market is heading in, and how your business can prepare. Numbers, of course, are not everything. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, we adjust for events which cause temporary changes in trends.

If you are entering a market for which no public data exists, one method is for us to leverage our experience to provide benchmarks of markets with similar characteristics. A second method is to carry out primary market research through interviews, carried out by experienced interviewers.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis can be used to evaluate your project or business, and ascertain whether your objectives are aligned with your capacity. Use of techniques such as this help you match opportunities to your competitive advantages, and convert these to successful business ventures.

Our market research reports incorporate top-down analysis, looking at the big picture of the national economy of your target market, and global industry trends, before a deep-dive into particularities of the local market. Competitor analysis makes use of bottom-up techniques analysing specific company fundamentals.

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