C Small Solutions 2016 Mid-Year Roundup

Started in a cafe in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by Charles Small in 2015, C Small Solutions began as an online political risk review. Later that year, we began work on our first bespoke research project, helping our client deliver an innovative fintech product to compliance departments in some of the world’s largest banks.

The company has now grown to be a leading provider of bespoke research, political and security risk, and translation services. The first half of 2016 has been a great success for the company. We have expanded our core services and commenced with fascinating projects.

Bespoke ResearchAI woman

Drawing on our background in disruptive technology, C Small Solutions now provides regular updates on blockchain technology and financial services to a leading tech publication. We also provide explanations of blockchain technology in a series of articles in our tech section.

If you are interested in how our research can help your business, a suite of market entry, market research and other bespoke research services is available to our clients.

Complimentary guides to doing business in emerging and frontier markets are also available, including the report “Vietnam 2016: Frontier in Transition“.

desert footstepsPolitical and Security Risk

The first half of 2016 also saw the company expand its delivery of political and security risk services. We now work with a multinational private security company to deliver bespoke reports on the security situations in Afghanistan, Brazil and Mali to clients.

We apply a unique mosaic approach incorporating a mixture of local insights, open source research, and restricted information to map threats to companies, individuals, and critical infrastructure. We take pride in the successful application of our process to very different security situations. Our services have guided clients safely through extremely tumultuous events including a change of Afghan Taliban leadership, impeachment of Brazil’s President Rousseff, as well as recurrent threats from insurgencies and organised crime.

We leverage the company’s global network of multilingual analysts to keep our clients secure wherever they may be. We provide free insights on key political and security risk developments in our analysis section. This free guidance on operating in emerging and frontier markets also includes relevant business news for foreign investors.

Quran_with_Chinese_translationTranslation Services

In 2015, we began providing regular Arabic-English translation services to the legal services wing of one of the world’s largest blue chip analytics and information services companies. In the first half of 2016, we expanded our provision of services to include regular translations of GCC states’ Official Gazettes, legal journals, and individual cases. We take pride in providing the latest legal news from across the Middle East and North Africa region before it hits the English language press.

Our team of experienced technical translators with fluency in African, Asian and European languages is also experienced in assisting a diverse range of industries in emerging and frontier markets. This puts us in the best place to provide market entry and multilingual content marketing strategies alongside our business intelligence services. It pays to ask how much your business could benefit from coherent, multilingual marketing.

Next Steps

Our aim is to provide comprehensive multi-layered services to our clients, with an emphasis on tailoring our services to meet client needs. Whether you are interested in bespoke research services, keeping your employees secure in hostile environments, multilingual content marketing or our translation services, get in touch with Charles for a free consultation at: charles@csmall.co.uk

Alternatively, contact us using the form below:

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